Altars of Madness at Casino Luxembourg

18.5 – 15.9.2013

Altars of Madness

Artist (s): Matthew Barney, Nicholas Bullen, Larry Carroll, Gregory Cuquel, Damien Deroubaix, Seldon Hunt, Gregory Jacobsen, Theodor Kittelsen, Harmony Korine, Elodie Lesourd, Juan Pablo Macias, Mael Nozahic, Torbjorn Rodland, Steven Shearer, Mark Titchner , Gee Vaucher, Banks Violette
Trustee (s): Damien Deroubaix Jerome Lefevre

The extreme metal emerged in the second half of the 1980s through three distinct genres correlated by principles, aesthetic and different developments: grindcore, death metal, and black metal. Like all subcultures, extreme metal is not a story that can be experienced by proxy. It therefore appears that some of the artists whose work is marked by depth were actively involved in this scene from an age when they were unaware that their thinking could work one day.
Exposure Altars of Madness reveals the work meeting of this generation of artists marked by extreme metal and adorned with a few others being made ​​relevant witnesses of this musical scene or having brilliantly helped shape his iconography. The exhibition poses the question bluntly extreme then explores the genre in the corners turn to politics, and the death of a pagan relationship with the landscape.